“The action by preparing a hairstyle and make up of a Bride demands dexterity, art, talent, mastery of techniques and, of course, softness and lots of love. The Professional needs to be totally envolved and very focused in this work that will be the most important in the life of this client.”

Day of the Bride

On this so special and unique day, it´s also our pleasure to offer services special e unique, for the brides who have placed their confidence in our work.

We know that emotions, feelings and thoughts are directed toward the altar, where the bride will be the attention and focus of all lenses and guests.

Knowing this Denise Araújo Makeup Artist & Hairstylist elaborates packages of services to meet every client´s need. Our team takes care of every detail, so that the bride feel and be unique.

Beauty professionals (hair, Makeup) as well as Personal Advice, developed by a single professional who takes care of every detail and request of the bride, are involved in this day.

For the convenience of the family, sponsors and guests we provided scheduled services.

We have an exclusive service for brides!
Please contact our consultant to learn more information about the
Day of Bride and their respective packages, it will be a pleasure to serve you!